GENESYS 10 UVscanning

A new product, the GENESYS 10 UVscanning spectrophotometer, has been added to the GENESYS 10 series of spectrophotometers.

The new GENESYS 10 UVscanning spectrophotometer has all the product attributes of the GENESYS 10UV spectrophotometer with the addition of the following new features:

Full-range scanning from 190 - 1100nm. Scans can be run at speeds between 200 - 1000nm/min at sampling intervals of 1, 2, 3 and 5nm.
Parallel output in HP PCL format. All setup parameters, data and graphs can be manually or automatically exported to a wide variety of desk-top printers in HP PCL format via a parallel port. This is in addition to the optional built-in printer.
Cell correction program. This new program enables the user to automatically correct for optical inconsistencies in up to six unmatched cuvettes. Corrections for up to 31 wavelengths and one scan can be saved.
Smart Start. The user can pre-select test methods that will appear in the boot-up screen.

GENESYS 10UV/Vis Spectrophotometer

Meet the New Laboratory Standard

Researchers, scientists and technicians worldwide depend on Thermo Spectronic to provide UV-Visible spectrophotometers to suit their specific applications and needs. We are pleased to introduce the new laboratory standard, the GENESYSTM 10 spectrophotometer.

Powered to Perform, Priced to Surprise

GENESYS spectrophotometers have long been known as the dependable choice for busy laboratory environments. The GENESYS 10 gives you all the features you have come to expect from a GENESYS spectrophotometer including a rugged design, a user-friendly interface and unrivaled reliability. The GENESYS 10 also provides the functionality of an expensive spectrophotometer at an affordable price. Both the Visible and UV-Visible GENESYS 10 models feature a powerful optical design, flexible sample handling and versatile software capabilities that make the GENESYS 10 the smart choice for testing water and waste-water, inorganics, food and beverages, as well as quality control of chemicals or life science applications.

GENESYS 10 UV-Visible spectrophotometers truly are powered to perform and priced to surprise!

High-Quality Optics for High-Performance Results

High-quality optics are absolutely essential for obtaining accurate and precise spectrophotometric measurements. Both GENESYS 10 models utilize a unique optical design that dramatically reduces stray light and produces a precisely focused image on the sample. This imaging allows the use of microcells without special cell holders and ensures the accuracy of your results every time.

The GENESYS 10 UV-Visible model features a xenon flashlamp and dual detectors for an outstanding signal-to-noise ratio. The xenon lamp flashes only when needed during measurements resulting in extended lamp life and lower operating costs. An added benefit of the xenon lamp is its distinct and uniform emission lines that allow wavelength accuracy and resolution to be verified across the wavelength range. Do you need quick, accurate measurements? The GENESYS 10's high-performance optics will do the work for you!

An optional, built-in, 3" (76.2mm) wide printer documents all parameters including time and date, test name, data and final results. It displays graphs, statistics and sample number - perfect for Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) requirements.

A large graphical display allows easy viewing of instrument conditions and results.

Thanks to a small instrument footprint, you have plenty of room for other lab equipment.

6-Position Cell Holder models hold a blank and up to five samples in 10mm square cuvettes or (10mm or 1/2") test tubes. The standard turret will measure all six positions automatically or can be rotated to specific positions by pressing the cell changer buttons. The powerful optics of the GENESYS 10 even allow you to measure 70µL without a special holder.

Routine Absorbance and Transmittance measurements can be determined from the instrument's main screen using a very simple 3-step process. Concentration measurements only require two additional steps: measuring and entering the concentration of the standard.

Simple keyboard-based operation and "Softkeys," specific to each screen, simplify setting up the instrument with your laboratory's test parameters.

Cell changer buttons rotate samples into position.

Cleanable, chemical-resistant surfaces and rugged design make the GENESYS 10 the ideal choice for harsh laboratory environments.

GENESYS 6 V/Vis Spectrophotometer

The new GENESYS 6 UV-Visible scanning spectrophotometer is now available from Thermo Spectronic.
This GENESYS 6 is a split-beam, 1.8nm spectral bandwidth, UV-Visible scanning spectrophotometer. It includes a 6-position automatic cell holder, a new white-background LCD, floppy disk drive, parallel and RS232C outputs, and a full range of application and performance validation software. It is available with or without a built-in printer.

With a 1.8nm spectral bandwidth, the GENESYS 6 is capable of resolving fine structure in spectral scans. The optical system has a xenon lamp and uses a sine-drive mechanism to obtain fine wavelength resolution at a slewing speed of up to 11,000nm/min. It also allows sampling intervals down to 0.1nm in the scanning mode.

A full range of software application programs are available:

Advanced Absorbance/Transmittance/Concentration includes options to set wavelength, delay time, number of samples, low/high limits, statistics and sample ID number.
Standard Curve adds parameters for number of standards (up to 15) and five curve-fit options. The resultant standard curve is shown as a graph on the screen along with all curve constants.
Absorbance Ratio calculates the ratio with or without a reference wavelength.
Absorbance Difference corrects for a reference wavelength and also performs calculations for corrected concentration measurements.
Kinetics measures absorbance vs. time in intervals as low as one second, displays graphical results and calculates rates of reactions. Post-acquisition rescaling allows linear phases to be isolated and calculated.
Full-Spectrum Scanning on the GENESYS 6 can be run from 10 - 2000nm/minute at sampling intervals from 0.1 to 5nm. All models identify and report peaks and valleys. Post-acquisition 3-point Net and Area-under-a-Curve are calculated.
3-Point Net calculations are reported directly.
Multiwavelength measures the absorbance or transmittance of up to 31 selected wavelengths and performs concentration calculations at each wavelength.
Performance Validation tests include Wavelength Accuracy, Photometric Accuracy, Noise, Stray Radiant Energy measurements. Diagnostics are also included for the internal printer, RS232C and analog output.
A new Cell Correction routine is included in all data acquisition programs. This routine automatically corrects for optical inconsistencies in up to six unmatched cuvettes. Corrections for up to 31 wavelengths and one scan can be saved.

The software includes the SmartStartTM feature that allows a user to pre-select one or more test methods that will automatically appear on the boot-up screen.

Printer output is available via the parallel port to a wide variety of printers using HP PCL format, or, using the optional built-in thermal printer. Data can be saved directly to the built-in floppy disk drive for transfer to a computer for archival or data manipulation.

GENESYS 2 and 5 UV/Vis Spectrophotometer

Both instruments feature backlit LCD screens that show test parameters, test results, and instrument-status pictograms. GENESYSTM 5 spectrophotometer (5nm spectral bandwidth) features a monochrome screen and single-point measurements. GENESYSTM 2 (2nm spectral bandwidth) offers full-color graphics and advanced scanning with overlays. Memory and program SoftCardsTM extend capabilities with additional programs for test and data storage.

NICOLET Evolution 100 UV-Vis Spectrophotometer

Nicolet Evolution 100 UV-Vis spectrophotometer is designed and built to withstand the demanding conditions found in multiple user laboratories. Although low in cost, the Nicolet Evolution 100 benefits from the optical technology found in our more advanced systems. The easy-to-use local control software means that even inexperienced operators can quickly produce quality results. Features such as quartz-coated and sealed optics, a holographic grating and stepping monochromator drive ensure that the Nicolet Evolution 100 generates high quality data. With the Nicolet Evolution 100, you will see many advantages:

  • Superb stablity, linearity and precision
  • Small footprint but large sample compartment
  • Extensive range of accessories to maximize sample throughput
  • Your choice of Local Control, or Local Control and PC-driven configurations
  • Optical design optimizes the energy throughput for all sample types

Nicolet Evolution 100 is ideal for busy quality control laboratories that require productivity, durability and an abundance of features to solve virtually an UV-Vis problem.


Nicolet Evolution 300 is the next generation UV-Vis spectrophotometer offering ease of use and powerful performance to meet the challenges of your laboratory. The system's legacy spans over sixty years of UV-Vis experience. Built on proven technology, Nicolet Evolution 300's entirely new platform includes innovative features to maximize productivity in your lab:

  • Double-beam design provides great stability and low drift, ensuring reliable results
  • High-resolution, variable bandwidth for optimal instrument settings
  • Premium-quality optics offer high throughput and sensitivity
  • Intelligent Accessories simplify sampling and enhance productivity
  • Comprehensive Local Control and/or PC control options meet multiple laboratory needs
  • Complete validation, qualification and calibration tools for full regulatory compliance

Nicolet Evolution 300 is a versatile system that provides complete tools and functionality for a wide variety of applications including QC, pharmaceutical, life science and more.

The Nicolet Evolution 500 UV-Visible spectrophotometer offers the high performance needed for your most demanding laboratory applications. The superior design ensures an unsurpassed level of data integrity. Automatic alignment of the spectrophotometer occurs at every initialization guaranteeing the system is optimized. The operation of the Nicolet Evolution 500 can also be evaluated with a Calibration Validation Unit, which verifies the instrument is working according to factory specifications. The unique Validation Calibration Qualification (VQC) concept used in the development and manufacture of the Nicolet Evolution 500 provides you with all the tools necessary to prove the quality of data for regulatory requirements.

The Nicolet Evolution offers many advantages:

• Double-beam optical design provides complete system stability
• High-quality optical components maximize light throughput
• Single photomultiplier detector (PMT) provides excellent sensitivity
• Local Control and PC control options match your operational needs and lab space requirements
• Multiple security options address all regulatory needs
• VQC- fully documented, foolproof validation and calibration system

In addition, Nicolet Evolution 500 provides a complete suite of software programs and wide range of accessories to meet all of your application needs.